Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Man of Integrity

Of course, they had been saying that about Eliot Spitzer until yesterday too.

But when Premier Gordon Campbell says it...well, then!

Ken Dobell was hired by Sam Sullivan directly and purposely to gain access to the Premier. That simple.

That may make political good sense, but that's just one of the many, many reasons political life is now seen as the lowest form of humanity on the ladder.

Here are some considerations not being aired, and the empty fools who pose as broadcasters won't ask these questions, we can be assured:

If Mr. Dobell was such a wonderful citizen, how could he in any conscience take $250/hour to consult on issues of housing and homelessness?

If Mr. Dobell was such an exemplary citizen, why didn't he DONATE HIS TIME to work on issues of homelessness and housing?

Jimmy Pattison moved his entire office to the Expo site to run the fair for $1. That's citizenship.

How could a man of Mr. Dobell's extraordinary expertise not know that he was violating the rules by not registering as a lobbyist?

Yesterday, I came to an intersection with a clearly marked traffic signal: NO right turn on red light.

Three cars in a row promptly turned right against the red light.

Nobody feels compelled to play by the rules.

Why should Mr. Fixer?

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