Thursday, March 27, 2008

McCain and Cheney target Iran

Excellent video discussion today about Iran, Israel and the US on The Real News.

Why is much of this not given serious coverage and examination by CNN, among others?

Watch this piece here.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

Iran's economy is a mess and the populace is restive. For one thing, the average age is about 23, so many of the people have no memory of the Shah to be an effective boogieman for controlling them, and no direct experience of or attachment to the revolution and the regime of the imams.
Ahmadinejad's tactic of US bashing is for home consumption as much as anything. Its the classic, or cliche if one wishes, 'outside threat' designed to promote internal unity.
In reality, as outlined in a story here
Tehran and Washington are engaged in a "seven-month old secret Saudi-mediated dialogue".
McCain's sabre rattling may be similarly for domestic consumption, not unlike the empty NAFTA bashing by the Democratic candidates.
Either that or he simply has no clue what the hell he's on about.