Monday, March 10, 2008

Sshhh...The Nutty One Has a New Plan

How does Sun City Hall reporter Francis Bulemic sleep at night?

For three years she followed Senator Silly around like a fawning puppy dog, worshiping every ounce of spit that flew from his cherry round face.

Now, she repeats every inane lie and misrepresentation of the truth that the current mayor utters.

She gets front page coverage today in a non-story about Sam's latest drivel.

He's going to have a new drug strategy.


Bulemic carefully refers to "the $10 million Sullivan says he has been promised..."


"Says he has been promised." Well, she's right about that. He has been promised nothing by nobody. This is pure unadulterated spin.

He also wants to develop a new research centre at UBC for his buddy-in-arms, Dr. Michael Krausz, the lunatic behind the drug substitution ideas.

That's what we need is more research. Right?

I don't think so.

We need treatment.

Have I ever mentioned that before?

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