Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bad Will Headline Hunting

The Nutty Mayor has sunk to a new low - even for him.

As thousands have died and many thousands are dying or dead trapped under fallen buildings in Sichuan province, China, this creep has tried to grab yet another headline by "announcing" that he is looking at building a new city hall because of earthquake concerns.

What a ghoul.

What dreadful bad taste.

Nutty has become infamous for blowing hot air about nothing and pretending that he is making some official "announcement," when he has, in fact, spoken to no one about anything substantive.

But get this and get it clear.

There are no plans afoot anywhere in city hall to build a new city hall. This is simply the mayor trying to grab attention. And it is sick.

To play on the misery and suffering of the people of China and their many friends and relatives here in Metro Vancouver, is detestable.

Why did the Sun even report this obscenity?

Can't anyone just tell this fool to be quiet?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you David, however, I would add this. What about all the schools in Vancouver waiting for seismic upgrading? I am more concerned about our children and our schools than I am about City Hall and our politicians. But yes, his comments are in very poor taste to say the least and show, as always, where his focus lies.


Anonymous said...

An example of renos to schools on the cheap. Several schools in Vancouver were upgraded to keep the roofs, slate covered, from pancaking and flattening the schools. But nothing was done to fix the brick claddings. Many of the little metal straps that hold the bricks to the walls have failed, rusted or whatever. So as the children leave the building they are going to have to leave with cascading brickwork. If Washington State can fix their schools why is our petty little 'dictator' over in Victoria ignoring our children?

MurdocK said...

Those children will never vote for 'him'!

By the time they are out of skewl he will be long a Hawaiian beach far, far away.