Monday, May 5, 2008

Catcher in the Rye

On April 25, I wrote in my Province column about the running disaster known as the Ministry of Children and Families here in BC.

I pointed out - for about the 900th time in recent years - that money and political correctness are not the answers.

This morning we learn of yet another child - a four-year old girl - who has been hideously abused, in this case by her drunk and demonic and incapable-of-minding-a-gold-fish grandmother.

The girl had her two blackened eyes camouflaged with make-up.

Is it truly possible that no one knew that this woman was a drunk?

What is much more likely is that because the girl is aboriginal and because her grandmother is aboriginal and because it was an aboriginal social agency that did the placement, all was considered settled.

Sorry, not good enough and naive in the extreme.

The ministry's political correctness and blindness to realities has endangered yet another child.

We don't need another inquiry. We've had 3 to date.

We need new and KNOWLEDGEABLE management of this important, but largely ignored department.

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Anonymous said...

I just had to comment on your Post David. One of your best ever, and your common sense will NEVER appear in the likes of Mr. Mildew's Column, or be advanced on Bloated Bill's Morning Open Mouth Program. I am however waiting for Mr. Oppal to get right on it. Whoops, time for my Meds..........