Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Greatest Wool over the Most Eyes

Insite is a train wreck that cannot be stopped.

This may be the last thing I ever say about this obscenity.

Gordon Campbell, Mike Harcourt, Philip Owen, Peter Ladner, Gregor Robertson, Raymond Louie, Barbara Jaffe, the Sun editorial board, Larry Campbell - they are all singing the same tune.

"Harper is playing politics with people's lives. Harper is evil. Insite is wonderful. The science proves it."

They are all wrong. They are all full of it.

Both the Campbells, Harcourt, Owen, none of them has ever put one red cent or one moment of effort into supporting treatment.

But they are completely behind this tragic waste of time and money.

99% of all citizens that I have ever met or talked to detest Insite.

But this is the current mythology and there's no stopping it.

And nobody wants to hear the opposing point of view.

Such is the state of our enlightened democracy.


I'm tired of listening to my own nagging on this subject. I feel that I and a handful of police and judges and ordinary citizens and knowledgeable cleaned-up addicts are tiny voices dying in the wind tunnel of madness.

Basta. Enough.

I can't talk about this any more. It's making me sick.

I will support real treatment where ever I may see it, and on the subject of Insite, I will put on a cracked smile and remain mute.


anonamoose said...

There are times when you can only stand back, and let the fools make their mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I hear you Dave.
I've had all kinds of friends talk to me about how wonderful Insite is. Until I take them down to it, stand in front of the place and watch the human wrecks crawl into it.
Most people have not a clue about addiction and Insite plays on that.
One friend of mine was so upset by the place that she looked at me and said "why aren't they trying to get them off drugs?"
Million dollar question.
Why do all elected officials find it easier to pat Insite on the back than get treatment up and running?
Because than they look like they are doing something.Ineffective something,but something.
The drug industry loves Insite, keep on using,using,using.