Saturday, May 17, 2008

Robert writes a Little Movie

Yet another nail in the collective coffin for all of us. Just imagine the conversation between two drug addicts / criminals down at Main & Hastings:

"Hey man, did you hear about that chick in Victoria who got $60 G's after being in jail?"

"No dude, what happened?"

"The chick, man, she fought the pigs like a wild banshee and they had to cuff her. So then she got a choice lawyer and pleaded her Charter Rights, man, and she won, she won big bucks!"

"So dude, what does that mean for us?"

"Obvious, man, the next time the pigs arrest you, fight like crazy. Force dem to cuff you up and bruise you. Then cry to da judge and you'll be in da money too. Big bucks, baby, big bucks!"


Anonymous said...

Obviously you have no comprehension of what went on.

Anonymous said...

As a former Police Officer I met many, many "Willows". This "Willow" appears to have straightened her life around and is a "survivour" of her poor upbringing. Not all of the "Willows" out there were so fortunate. Perhaps she will donate her new found wealth to someone who cannot help themselves. The S.P.C.A. comes to mind, or the new Childrens Hospital. But then again, perhaps, it's still "all about ME, ME, ME"! I wish her well in her future endeavours..............