Sunday, May 18, 2008

VAG - Round Two

Yesterday I wrote about the Premier's announcement that the Vancouver Art Gallaeyr would fins a new and exciting home on the Waterfront in the Plaza of nations sight. I wrote that I approved of that initiative.

Not that the Premier or anyone else needs or seeks my validation.

Let's face it for validation all we need do is order the Dog Poo Souffle from our local eatery and our server will automatically beam back at us, "Good Choice!"

But I thought this - the Art gallery at the Plaza - was a good fit.

However...there's always a "however" in modern disscourse, isn't there?...this afternoon a neighbour, pulling the weeds from his lawn, preperatory to taking his 35-foor sailboat out for a run, offered that he thought this location for the new VAG was a lousy choice.

"Keep the water for housing and cafes. The Art gallery is for looking in, not out. The original plan of the old Bus Depot site near the QE Theatre and the Playhouse and whatever else might grow there was a much better move!"

And, you know, he's got a good argument there.

But, as we moved on, heading for our extremely late Sunday breakfast, we talked about this discussion and, while I thought it was a pretty good point, ultimately I found myself still likng the Plaza location.

The Getty in Los Angeles (pictured above right) is such a spectacular set of buildings in such a fabulous setting that one can easily take several days of hanging about outside before you even open a door to look at paintings on the wall.

Time will tell...

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