Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alex on CTV Website

Our friend, Alex Tsakumis, whose Friday editorial in 24 Hours is often reprinted here, has a new gig.

He is now writing editorials as well for the CTVBC website. His pieces are called "Front and Centre" and you can find them easily enough here.

This week he offers his goodbyes to a certain mayor...

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Anonymous said...

That is a great blog - he is good! As an aside, I had 'NW on today - some Father's Day type program and a caller asked what had happened to David Berner, what was he doing, where was he - said he missed him, etc. While the fellow who inquired was still on the air I called the station and told the fellow who was screening the calls that you had a great blog and gave a brief synopsis of subjects etc. Waited patiently for the show host to announce such luck. What are they afraid of? The programming continues to become more and more inane, boring and and canned. This is "news" talk radio? HAHAHA We need a new station.