Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Apology

Stephen Harper was right and brave to make the apology to aboriginals for our sins of cruelty.

Chretien, who after all was Indian Affairs Minister for many years, didn't rise to the occasion. Nor did Martin or Ryan Baloney.

I believe the Prime Minister's apology to be sincere and real and important.

I also believe that it is time for aboriginals - while never forgetting - to press on into the future and stop the endless kvetching.

Bring up your children with pride. Let no child fall to drugs or alcohol or bad marks in school. Expect only the best from one another.

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Anonymous said...

Now, can we get on with things and stop playing the constant victim. No more excuses. It is each individuals responsibility to provide the kind of lifestyle they want for themselves..NOT at the expense of the taxpayer! Get a job EARN your money and perhaps natives will get the respect they want.