Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Ladner has all the right stuff."

So claims The Province editorial this morning. Although the piece itself never goes on to explain exactly what these qualities are.

Everyone else in town knows that Peter Ladner is a bright and nice and dull and not particularly industrious fellow. We all know that his voting record is a Xerox of Sullivan's.

I predicted months ago that Ladner could make a perfectly unremarkable and decent mayor in the mold (mould?) of Philip Owen.

This morning's Sun has much hand-wringing about how the poor old NPA is going to weather this frightening experience of two guys fighting for the nomination. Everybody, they claim, is in disarray.

The question has to be asked: If City Hall or the NPA or The Vancouver Sun can't handle this puny melodrama, what will they do with a real issue?

Ladner gets the biggest laugh and the Quote of the Day himself when he mourns, "We're going to have some big shoes to fill with B.C. Lee's departure..."


Lee had absolutely no impact on city council whatsoever - none, gornisht, nyet, zerokins, zilch.

Who knew Ladner was this funny?

On the Op Ed page the 3 Vision candidates spell out their alleged platforms. Yawn.

If you can't do either of the crosswords today, try to count how many times Allan de Genova uses the word "I."

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