Friday, June 20, 2008

Lazy Politics

The gender politics posing as affirmative action in the provincial NDP is abhorrent.

It's not bad enough that husbands and fathers are the endless butt of every bad TV commercial (Women make the buying decisions so ad execs cartoon and lampoon the male of the household. If women are not as insulted by this simplistic and ugly mythology, they aught to be.), but the party won't allow a man to run in a constituency that needs a new candidate.

Women only is the rule.

How about, instead of a rude and exclusionary and self-defeating rule, you do the hard work of finding and encouraging and developing good women candidates?

Everyone is always looking for the magic bullet, the single sweep that will change the landscape.

Never was; never will be.

Commitment, work, effort.


Anonymous said...

I am a woman and I find James' "no men need apply" policy thoroughly offensive. Woman, like men and like minorities, should get a job based on their bona fides, not through misguided affirmative action. Let's say the best person for the job is a woman, she likely won't receive the credit due her because of this ridiculous policy -- it will be assumed she got there because of her gender. Perhaps there was a place for affirmative action decades ago, but that time has long since passed.


MurdocK said...

Thank you for that Mo.

I certainly could not have said it better, coming from a woman it means more.

Once this 'policy' was enacted it was enough to totally turn me off the Non-Democratic Party.

As much as the 'anybody but Campbell' crowd crows that the Non-Dippers are the answer I say "NO".

Independant at the very least.

I am really hoping that the Dippers get the final NAIL in their political coffin from this stupid policy.