Monday, June 23, 2008

Plant Politics

The Molson Canada brewery on Burrard Street may be the biggest consumer of water in the region.

But equally important, it is the flat ugliest sight in town and why is it still sitting on the south end of the Burrard Bridge blocking the view and skyline to the water and the city?

I'm surprised that over the many years of development and change that this area has seen, no one at city hall has begun the "moving" conversation with Molson.

Maybe they have and maybe Molson has a great hold on the property that it is reluctant to abandon.

But that's what deal making is about. Give these folks a good reason to move and a good site ELSEWHERE to move to and we might have something more fitting in the core of our city.


PelaLusa said...


I never thought about this. Remember when the Coke plant used to be across the street? It would be nice if Molson's moved on too.

Perhaps a large par, similar to the David Lam park on the north side of False Creek, would be nice.

vancouveriste said...

Plus it would be nice if Molson's took their yeasty brewery smell somewhere else, too. Unfortunately, a park is far less likely than more condos blocking out the view. That land is primo, and I'm sure our developers have been long salivating over it.

Anonymous said...

And replace it with what -- more towers to ? That would really open up the "view and skyline to the water and the city!"