Monday, June 9, 2008

Sam and Janet Evening

I'm so sorry I missed the opportunity to see two unworthies blubbering in public.

So we are told that in learning of the End of the Reign of One Term Wonder, Sam the Destructor Sullivan, B.C. Lee (a man who never said a word in 3 years in Council) and Kim Capripants (who said way too much) both burst into teen-age tears for the cameras.

Clearly these are starving souls with not much to think about these days.

For the rest of us, YEAH!!!

For one returning home just before the count on Sunday afternoon...HAHAHAHAHA!!!

As for the Miro Cernetig headline (Sullivan-Ladner Feud damages NPA Image), how do you get some things so wrong?

a) That's called democracy. Two guys want the same seat. They fight like hell in public and one guy wins. Get used to it.

b) What image? The NPA have been paragons of public virtue for 60 years? Back to the medicine chest.

c) The NPA is an entire class of people, not a mere political handle of convenience. Be assured that those who believe in their natural born right to rule the stupid masses and keep us all safe from the madness of something they call Socialism ( eek! shriek! freak!), will gather together in the halls and pergolas of privilege to wipe the floor with whatever lamb Vision sends to slaughter later this month.

Let the Uniting begin!


Hummer said...

david..Welcome home..
As soon as I heard the news I went to this blog and have been anxiously awaiting your comments. What a welcoming home present for you. I would suggest that ladned as well as Obama have food tasters because Sam isn't going to let this go easily.

John said...


Along with Capripants, I am also going to do all I can to un-elect Elizabeth Ball as well. As someone who also makes their living in theatre I expected her to achieve something for the arts community. Not only has she done nothing worthwhile for the arts in Vancouver, she is one of the most profligate spenders of the lousy bunch. She managed to run up a tab of $6000 of taxpayers money for a TWO DAY TRIP TO CALGARY! She went there to attend the Juno Awards and schmooze with fellow attendees. Of course, the next Juno awards were already coming to Vancouver, so it wasn't a sales job. Someone tell me how you can manage to spend $6000 on a two day business trip to Calgary?

Daveformayor said...


welcome back David

Martino said...

And to top it all off for Mr. Sullivan...

...he got a pitcher of pop poured over him by an APC protester!

Probably Sam's worst weekend ever!