Saturday, June 14, 2008

Still Safe to Buy your Tincture of Saw Palmetto

Federal Health Minister Tony Clement has wisely backed down on his original plan to over-regulate natural health products.

Swamped by concerned citizens and industry spokesmen, Clement recognized that it was entirely unreasonable to classify Vitamin C or Echinacea as either a "food" or a "drug."

Aside from the onerous Big Brother quality of the original plan, what was so ludicrous was this: There has not been ONE, not ONE recorded incident of death or anything remotely close happening to anyone in this broad country as a result of some hocus pocus they took from their local Finlandia.

Contrast that simple fact to this morning's headline story in the NY Times - Legal Drugs Kill Far More Than Illegal, Florida Says. Read that item here and weep.

Congratulations to the natural health products folk who stood way up and barked very loudly and to Clement who actually listened.

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