Thursday, June 19, 2008

We Almost Like You

It must have been awfully difficult for the editors at the Sun to admit that Carole James is on track with her Axe the Tax campaign.

So difficult they had to add "Despite its Opportunism" to their headline of almost approval.

I hope the editors will be able to keep down their lunches today.


PelaLusa said...

Does anyone out there actually think that James' opposition to the Carbon Tax is anything other than political opportunism?

When I read & listen to her words, I simply can't get past my disbelief about how such a person could possibly ever be allowed to run a province, let alone a popsicle stand.

Doesn't mean I'm happy with Gordon Campbell but I must pick the least worse of the 2 devils!

al gordo said...

If Stephane Dion gets his way, British Columbians will have two carbon taxes to pay and GST on top of it all.
Also, natural gas and electricity will be subject to carbon taxes. In time it will become obvious that we were fooled by the biggest fools concerning the climate.

PelaLusa said...

The more we let this continue, the further along to the Socialist Utopia we'll all be. As one favourite American talkshow host often says, "Yes, we'll all be equal ... standing naked in the rice fields together."

Let's hope that this is Dion's Waterloo. Considering that he's a French citizen, he should appreciate the irony of that. He has now finally come out and clearly expressed his vision for the future. Let's see how many Canadians, let alone Quebecers agree with him.

Anonymous said...

Global Warming... therefore a Carbon Tax is necessary. If you overlook that the biggest proponent of Global Warming in Canada is one David Suzuki, whose catapult to fame and fortune was the Study Of The Fruit Fly, and in the U.S.A. one Al Gore, whose personal Carbon Footprint is 20 times the average household. Excuse me while I place another log in the woodstove, after all, it's only June the 19th! Conmen, the lot of them, and old Gordo is following like a lemming.

Light Rail Guy said...

If Gordo continues with his new 'gas tax' the wet noodle James may very well 'snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.'

The carbon tax is not an environmental tax, it is a consumption tax. Why is Campbell doing it? Simple, Campbell is a tax and spend Premier and he is running out of money.

Folks WAKE UP - SMELL THE COFFEE Campbell is squandering the taxpayers money on questionable projects and even more questionable policies.

Campbell is following the old Premier's belief that the province's taxpayers are just rubes ready to be fleeced.

PelaLusa said...

Fair enough, Light Rail Guy. But Carole James has stated very clearly that 'her' carbon tax will be applied onto companies and that they will not pass it onto consumers.

Does this make her a liar or an ignoramus?