Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Willingdon Revisited

It is too early to approve or condemn the provincial initiative to re-open Willingdon as an institution for mentally ill and addicted people.

If managed sensibly and with understanding, commitment and compassion, this could be an immense help to all.

If run like most government bureaux, it will be warehousing of the worst kind, like the old Riverview operation.

Let's see who is running this and what they really know.


vancouveriste said...

Here are two important concerns about the location of this project: First, there is nothing other than a couple of service stations and BCIT within an easy walking distance. The lack of neighbourhood amenities and sterile, busy urban setting are probably not conducive to what appears to be a long-term therapeutic residence.
Second, the project's proximity to the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre may have a negative effect on the kids at the Maples--current plans are believed to include shared grounds for both facilties.

Anonymous said...

What is really scary about this is Coleman saying he may review the Mental Health Act and its powers of commital.
One way or another these monsters are going to "clean up" the DTES before the Olympics. Notice how all of a sudden they will re-open part of Riverview. Out of sight, out of mind, and totally drugged out.