Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quote of the Century

Kevin Falcon:

"No need to worry about a slide during the Olympics."


Now is has been revealed.

The moment BC Cabinet ministers are sworn into office, they are given extraordinary powers, such as communicating directly with Mother Nature, channeling The Forces, and God's cell number.

We rest humbled and reassured.


Anonymous said...

I guess 'good old boy' Kevin (bird droppings) Falcon just doesn't aspire to be Premier (Gordo watch your back for some slimy messy stuff), but he believes he is God!

For whom the gods wish to destroy, they make mad first!

God calling Falco, for what you wish not to happen, will!

Anonymous said...

David, this is a quotable quote! Where or when did Mr. Falcon make it?

David Berner said...

He made it whilst visiting the Slide Site...I believe that was yesterday.

Anonymous said...

On tonight's news I first viewed a grey and smog filled Beijing, China and listened to reports on a couple of athletes who are going to wear masks to compete and another few who are pulling out.

Then I watched them blasting the remains of mother nature's handiwork off the side of the mountain on the Sea To Sky highway, along with talk about the 2010 Olympics (all will be just swell), food shortage fears for those living in Squamish, the cost of getting the stranded home by boat rising from $40 to $100 today, and on and on - ad nauseam

My conclusion - We are crazy!!

Who the hell wants to visit China with all it's "fake freedom and openness for the duration of the Olympics" nonsense - and then back to no human rights? Who the hell wants to be a part of the Olympic fiasco here in B.C. and risk life and limb getting to Whistler? Oh, yeah - those making big bucks off of this stuff.

Jaded, I'm jaded.

Anonymous said...

Call it an act of Gordo.