Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Belief Based on What Evidence?

Mumps is on the spread in these parts.

The contagion is being aided and abetted by Christian fundamentalists who hold that vaccinations are unholy.

The age-old question must be asked -

Why must my "rights" and safety be put at risk by your belief system?

Religion - that understandable human yearning to find a place in a baffling universe - has much to answer for.

I love to drive through the Valley in the autumn to pick up the scent of the annual witch burnings.


Anonymous said...

My feeling is, all religions are cults and some religion/cults are just plain dangerous.

Fundamentalist Christians are some of the most dangerous people on the earth, as are fundamentalists in just about every other religion.

Fundamentalists are correct, they are never wrong and when they die they go to that special heaven.

Satan loves it, keeps his special place full!

Anonymous said...

I had the mumps when I was six years old in the mid fifties. It must have been bad as I remember it so well.
Mumps can affect a person sexually.
That's been my excuse.