Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clement vs. The Accepted Wisdom

Federal Health Minister Tony Clement is on a mission.

And it is a dangerous one.

Wish him luck and pray for him.

Clement is bucking all the accepted wisdom and all the official stories about safe injection sites.

Like you, he knows that these are hideous mistakes that help very few.

He knows that numbers and facts have been endlessly manipulated by doctors and social workers and politicos to support a program that is a deadly waste.

A few days ago, Clement said all of these things in public at a convention.

Yesterday, he said it again in the den of the enemy.

Addressing the Canadian Medical Association, Clement said, "Over the last five years, while Insite has been operating, we could have provided treatment to 5,000 addicts. Instead, during that time, 250 addicts have died of drug overdose alone," adding that the vast majority of injections still take place in back alleys and seedy hotels, and the centre's $3-million annual cost would be better spent elsewhere.

Of course, he has been viciously attacked for stating the politically incorrect truth.

Earlier this week, the Conservatives sent out a mailing decrying free needles and safe injection sites.

They are to be applauded heartily for this.

And they are to be given standing ovations if and when they provide money for real treatment.


Anonymous said...

As well, James Moore (our MP in Coquitlam) was on 'NW yesterday, saying the same things. He stated the facts and Harper's opposition to Insite well. I later telephoned his office to thank and encourage him. The talking heads on 'NW often use the phrase "but the experts say" when referring to those so called professionals who are backing Insite, etc. What experts? It is called ENABLING and benefits no-one except those hauling in the dollars for this nonsense.

Now B.C.'s government is going to purchase SRO hotel accommodations so that they can get the addicts out of the way for the 2010 Olympics. That is not a solution either....

Treatment must be the first step - by those who know what they are doing. Billy Weselowski of Inner Visions comes to mind....

PelaLusa said...

The other day I heard a female guest on 'NW say the following: "Well, drug addicts are only responsible the very first time they try drugs, of course. After that, it's no longer their choice. It's the addiction making them shoot up and steal."

I've been thinking a lot about this comment ever since. Is this what the "experts" really think? If so, it's a clever way to get around someone ever again having responsibility for their actions.

But taken to the extreme, it would give each and every one of us an excuse to do whatever we wanted, right?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, David.

Anonymous said...

"Well, drug addicts are only responsible the very first time they try drugs, of course. After that, it's no longer their choice. It's the addiction making them shoot up and steal."

If you really think on that statement , it means that once addicted - to alcohol, smoking cigarettes, shooting up whatever, heroin - any substance - it is impossible to stop using the addicting substance, which of course is untrue and a ridiculous statement. Many, many of those addicted have stopped WITH SUPPORT AND TREATMENT. Addictions always involve habits and those too must be addressed.

Some are buying this Insite drivel
as some bought into the necessity of invading Iraq - and look where that led.

PelaLusa said...

First, there's no comparison to be drawn between drug addiction in Vancouver and the Iraq War. Completely separate issues!

But this woman's statement is indicative of those pro-Insite people who have developed talking points that get repeated over & over again, but with little thought. Just today, Bob Rae was on the radio saying what a complete idiot the Federal Health Minister is. He's clearly picked up and regurgitated back several of the same talking points.

Anonymous said...

What we have hearing on 'Insite' is simply 'elite speak'; the 'elites' are in the 'in' crowd and the rest are in the 'out' crowd. The 'elites' like Insite

Government has washed it's collective hands of drugs, drug addiction, and the pathetic results. "Insite" is easy and for the 'elites' of the region, they can convince themselves that they are really doing something, while not doing anything at all.

Treatment takes money, a lot of money, and the 'elites' would rather spend it on other 'fun' things, such as 2010 Olympics. The result of 'elite think' is the Vancouver East side.

There are many facets to our venomous and evil drug problem and the addicts themselves are just 'cannon' fodder for the illegal drug industry.

We will never cure the drug addict because there is no moral will in the land to do so. As I say again 'Insite' is so easy, just provide a safe place, a nurse, and clean syringes and Bob's your uncle.

Treatment calls for hospitals, doctors, nurses, support staff, unions, etc., etc. 'Insite' is just a cheap and nasty way of pretending to something, while not doing anything.

The poor addict, whether he is sick, lazy, a slob, or whatever is just a pawn in a far larger and very lucrative game. A game that the 'elites' of the city/province/country choose to ignore.

BC - Best place on earth.......

What constitutes an expert? Someone who appears on "Brand-X" and supports 'Insite'? It seems to be!

Anonymous said...

Pelalusa said, "First, there's no comparison to be drawn between drug addiction in Vancouver and the Iraq War. Completely separate issues!"

Au contraire. The analogy was a good one. If the so called "experts" spew the lies often enough, many will believe them and go along - whether it be Insite propaganda or the lies told to sway the public prior to invading a country.

Why do I often get the impression that you assume to be an authority on this blog at times Pelalusa? Some opinions may differ, but all are permitted.

PelaLusa said...

Dear Anonymous,

First off, please do crawl out from under your rock and be a man (or woman or transgendered individual as the case may be).

Second, I stand by my assertion that there is absolutely no connection between the two issues. Or am I not allowed to have that opinion just because you disagree with it?!?


Anonymous said...

Trans gendered?? Whew.

"Or am I not allowed to have that opinion just because you disagree with it?!? "

My point exactly. And as to the anonymous designation here - many use it. Once again, you are not the master of this blog. You just don't get it, do you?

Anonymous said...

....and to illustrate my point more clearly, namely that if others do not think as you do, and/or choose to post anonymously, you intimate there is obviously something drastically wrong with them, i.e. they need to crawl out from under their rock, or see a psychiatrist, or are genetically defective....

a snippet from your blog:

"Blogger PelaLusa said...

Sir, if you really believe that Putin is as innocent in this as you imply then you really should consult a psychiatrist to find out if your ignorance is genetic or learned."

I, along with others, shall continue to express my opinion, anonymously if and when I choose - and I suggest that you back off with your nasty aspersions.

Mike Smithson said...

How about a debate on the radio, Mr. Berner, with a member from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition? What would you say to legalizing all drugs? Get rid of organized crime's biggest commodity...get the drug dealers off the streets completely. I'm sure listeners will be entertained. Hey, we may even find a middle ground.

Anonymous said...

Definition of analogy: A noun drawing a comparison in order to show a similarity in some respect.

Key words there are "in SOME respect", not necessarily all respects. The analogy posted was not in regard to the Iraq war and Insite. It was to human behavior. Not difficult to understand.

Grammar Lover

PelaLusa said...

Note to Self: If one dares disagree with the Hate-America-First, Hate-Stephen-Harper thugs on the Internet then expect more venom spewed from cowards. Absolutely pathetic anonymous cowards!

Bravo fellow Canadians, bravo!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Another name calling diatribe. Perhaps it is you who needs help. I don't know about anyone else here, but I associate daily with people living in the USA and am happy to call some of them friends. I can't think of a single person that I "hate". Hate is a very strong word.

Finito. Life is too short.

A Proud Canadian