Saturday, August 9, 2008

Have They No Shame?

Apparently not.

Almost doubling the salaries of deputy ministers in the BC government seems a reasonable and appropriate action for Mr. Campbell.

Except that he tried to sneak this offense in under the cover of the opening of the Beijing Olympics.

Well, it isn't reasonable or appropriate to most of us.

Most glaring of all is the listed salary of one Leslie du Toit. She is the deputy children's minister. Her salary last year - and now about to climb considerably - is $234, 180.

This is a ministry that is utterly dysfunctional.

It is a department that is outright dangerous in its disregard for suffering children.

This is the ministry that, using the most sophist benchmarks unimaginable, is eager to cut off support for children who may have an IQ of 71 and therefore be way too smart for support.

Jim Sinclair points out that we have the lowest minimum wage in the country and that number has been on ice for over seven years.

Mike Farnworth says, "I don't know what planet the premier's living on, but it's not the one that the rest of us are. At a time when we're being hit by carbon gas-tax increases, high ferry cost increases, higher fuel increases, tolls on bridges, increased housing costs -- the premier's deputy gets an $105,000 increase? I'm supremely ticked off."


Anonymous said...

So what? If the increase had been 5000%, we the people footing the bill, would be outraged for 72 hours, and that would be it.

PelaLusa said...

I'm a free market guy but I've never been convinced that anything to do with public officials is remotely connected to a FREE market.

Instead, it appears to be a prestigious little club of interconnected friends who ensure that their buddies get these choice jobs throughout the country.

What I find most appalling is that this ridiculous increase was made under the justification that the wages needed to be brought in line with other jurisdictions. Now that BC has done this, other jurisdictions will raise their salaries accordingly.

It's a Ponzi Scheme of the worst order, though paid for with our hard earned tax dollars, not private funds.

If the salaries were all cut to a nominal $90,000 per year and others were hired to work in these roles, do you think a thing would change in any of these ministries? I don't.

Anonymous said...

Farnsworth thinks he's ticked off?
I'm sick of all of them. Liberal, NDP, anything that even looks like a politician.
Or a bureaucrat.
Can't get anything done because there are at least 50 people to wade through.Watch them run,duck and buck pass.
The new Olympic event.
They are all in it together.

Martino said...

I'll fill any one of the deputy positions for a mere $120k. Hey, I'm all heart.

Anonymous said...

Campbell makes Glen clark look good!

nowhere man said...

We need to pay theses people big bucks so they can come up with more brilliant ideas such as the carbon tax.

Anonymous said...

I think I found the gateway to this secret society!!!

BTW, for a woman with a $250k salary, can't Ms. McDonald afford to pay someone 25 cents to get a rat to gnaw that thing off her face?

nachtwache said...

The reason given for the huge paycheques, is that you have to pay top dollars to get good people; I say B....S....! Pay much less, then we'll get people that actually care about our province and the greedy slimeballs will go elsewhere.
There's nobody to vote for!
How about you take them on,Mr.Berner; we need someone with integrity.