Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

The headline claims that crime is down here at the Wild West Show.

But as you read the story, you discover this gem:

"B.C. has the highest rates of drug crime and property crime in the country."

So tell me now about Harm Reduction.

Tell me about the 200 social service agencies in 4 square blocks called the DTES.

Tell me about all the clever, well-funded programs.

Tell me, Mikie, tell me, Phil, Tell me, Larry.


Anonymous said...

Tell me Sam Sullivan. Tell me Jack Layton. Tell me Mr Dion. Tell me Phillip Owen. Tell meWally Opal.......... ad nauseum.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

Property crime reporting is steadily down as people figure the higher insurance costs aren't worth the nothing the "justice system" will do for them.
And as one can take an ax to half the neighborhood and plea bargain it down to careless use of a silvacultural implement, violent crime stats are a sick, unfunny joke.
Sir David, Peter Warren had Bruce Bowie on one day, who explained where more accurate crime stats (I believe it was through the UN) are available and paint a very different picture than we the sweaty ignorant masses have been spoon fed for years now. Someone needs to follow up on that, yet I've never heard Bowie on with anyone since.