Monday, August 25, 2008


Air Canada does it.

West Jet does it.

Seems they all do it.

But why are they allowed?

Air Canada buys a half page in the Sun. They advertise a flight to London Heathrow for $288.

In much smaller print, they note that fares advertised are EACH WAY and require ROUND TRIP purchases. (Forget the even smaller print that these fares are available only on alternating Tuesdays in a month that favors cactus plants and only if you are sitting third to the left of the player holding trump and a furled umbrella.)

That makes the basic London fare $576, PLUS TAXES and FUEL CHARGES of approximately $450, which brings the ticket to $1,026.

If you have enough points to get a free flight, you will still be charged TAXES and FUEL CHARGES of $450.

A pillow and meals may be another thing altogether.


Isn't this false advertising?

Sydney, Australia $600, which really translates to $1,650.

Isn't this false advertising?

Oh, I asked that already.

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Light Rail Guy said...

David, of course this is false and deceptive advertising and its the Canadian way!

Our governments just think of the great unwashed as simple rubes waiting to get their pockets picked. We have no consumer protection, we have no truth in advertising, our governments firmly believe that big business can lie, cheat and steal with impunity, because the average Canadian don't count!

That's why we get the corrupt politicians, we do, because there is no truth, no honesty, only deception in the Canadian way of life!