Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too Lowe for Comfort

The Mayor of Victoria, Alan Lowe, needs some quick instruction on the the basics of contributing to a democratic society.

His handling of the Police Chief affair is appalling and amateurish in the extreme.

The Police Chief has been under investigation for many months. He has now been cleared. And he has resigned.

He was under investigation for WHAT? He has been cleared of WHAT? He has resigned WHY?

This is the Police Chief! If there is the hint of an aroma of a whiff of mis-doing, we the public must know.

Hiding behind arcane inner sanctum rules will not cut it.

If anyone should resign, it is this mayor.


Anonymous said...

The public must know, it is called democracy. It is just another strike against the police and politicians in this province. The 'elites' are afraid of the truth.

Anonymous said...

I believe this city,province, country is being run by lawyers.
It has nothing to do with police chiefs, etc.
Judges were lawyers, senators were lawyers, politicians were lawyers.
Criminals were lawyers.
The Charters of Rights and Freedom was drafted by lawyers.
Criminals have rights that decent people don't

No wonder politicians get away with so much.
They have a phalanx of lawyers (or they are lawyers) to block every inquiry.

An honourable profession has turned into a legalistic nightmare because of the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Democracy? This is a democracy? Since when?