Saturday, August 16, 2008

What's in a word?


Dope fiend. sorry.

The Harper government has sent a mailing to many Canadian homes, including my own.

There is a photo of a discarded needle in a children's playground. The word "SAFE?" is engraved on the photo.

I think this is legitimate and realistic and healthy commentary.

The text talks about keeping junkies off the street and in rehab.

Sounds good to me.

But oh, my.

Every mistaken weeping fool and his uncle has come out in outrage at this cruel attack on the sanctity of heroin addicts.

Here's some news for you.

Heroin addicts call themselves "junkies."

Get over it.

The word is not the message.

I have experienced this problem for over 40 years now.

Every time I talk in public about dope fiends and junkies, some cunning linguist rises in morally superior objection.

Never mind my track record in helping junkies become clean and sober citizens. Never mind that the dictionary people have never helped anyone.

Mark Townsend, the man responsible for running Insite said he was depressed to find the Conservative mailing at his home.


Well, you know what, Mark?

I'm depressed every time I hear about the killing machine known as Insite.

I was delighted by this mailing.

And your depression, Mark, is not my concern.

My concern is that, rather than providing treatment and more treatment and then some treatment, completely wrong folks like you are helping junkies to stay stupid.

Calling junkies junkies is not offensive or an indicator of being out of touch.

Giving drunks booze and shot glasses and giving dope fiends anything other than real help is extremely ugly and sick.

Libby Davies is a kind and thoughtful and lovely person. But she is completely and totally wrong on this issue.

So is Ujjal Dosanjh.

The Harper government is heading in the right direction on drug addictions and crime.

They will be excoriated by the Enablers and by editorial writers.

Help them, encourage them, tell your MP and the Prime Minister that you want treatment now.


nachtwache said...

I agree, there will be a LOUD outcry, I hope the media will be fair and honest, not only for the sake of the conservatives, but even more so for drug addicts and their suffering families.
I think Harper is doing an outstanding job leading our country, making intelligent, levelheaded decisions. He's not a smooth talking charmer, that's just fine with me. He's respectful and has integrity, is smart and has a spine! We're lucky to have found a gem among all the trash.
I'll thank him for having the courage to do what's best!

PelaLusa said...

Well written, David, well written!

Anonymous said...

Well David I am not sure how to take the call you made to me in regards to the Maples Adolescent Center. Did the same editor, that you aren't impressed with, put a stop to this story, or did someone else put the word out that our special politicians from all 3 parties are to be protected. As surprising as it may seem it has happened several times already. The politicians fingers do reach many many corners.

As I said before, "You cannot protect children in the province of British Columbia." And, if you try, then there is a price to pay. Can we all say Sins of Ommission.

An interesting note as to a letter in the Vancouver Province yesterday. Aug. 15/08. Ann Mayo. Check into her long history and then maybe you will see her sick little roll in all of this as well. And, yes, she was a witness to many of the abuses and managerial structural deficiencies at the Maples.

Have a nice day.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

Q: When is a junkie not a junkie?

A: When the euphemism treadmill has spun completely out of control and political correctness rules like the worst of tyrants.