Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And I can vote for...Whom??

I couldn't even read Barbara Daffy's column today. The headline did me in.

"NDP hoping for a big breakthrough in BC"

Is she kidding?

There are no NDP signs on lawns in my neighbourhood, and, as far as I know, there is no candidate.

We've got your Joyce Murray, your Deb Meredith, your Dan Grice.

But the last I heard, the NDP guy was thrown to the wolves for some nutty indiscretion or other.

Has anyone told Jack Layton or Barbara D. that elections are won in the trenches, on the phones, in the 'hood?

I'd love to vote for the NDP.

If only they'd get around to telling me who the candidate is.


MurdocK said...

Ya David,

The NON-DEMOCRATIC PARTY is chasing many rural ridings in BC (notably on Vancouver Island and in the interior -oops- heartland) and knows that it is here that they stand a chance to pick up seats. In the urban centers the NDP cannot compare to the Lieberals or the ConFormers.

At the moment the biggest NDP wet political dream is starting to become real!

The total melt-down of Dion's Lieberals has left a sucking vacuum sound on the political left...the NDP is rushing to get in that zone. Rushing so fast that they have not taken the time to do their homework about potential candidates and this stupid decision has come back to bite them.

Expect a ConFormer majority, with the Libs and NDP splitting the opposition...if the BLOC can keep their strength into the end of the election then once again a separatist party will be the 'loyal' opposition.

What a nutty situation!

Anonymous said...

The NDP's about face on marijuana is the greatest betrayal of the federal election campaign.

First Layton goes on Pot TV and promises to be an advocate for the fogheads.

Then he fires three candidates for 'improper' use of the substance. Admittedly Larson and West were boneheaded, and deserved to go, but that's should be more of a reflection on the party's lack of investigation.

So what DID Tousaw do?
And what IS the message here?

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"And what IS the message here?"

Politicians are treacherous.
You're welcome. ;-)