Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deeply Imbedded Fantasies

Today's Letter to the Editor from Dr. Stan De Vlaming and 23 of his medical friends demonstrates a) how myths are created and b) why we are in such a mess regarding drugs.

Here is the key statement in their letter:

"Methadone mainenance is a valuable tool for the treatment of addiction and is supported by 50 years of experience and research."

Methadone maintenanc is in fact an unmitigated disaster, a dreadful waste of public funds and a declaration of hoplessness. "You cannot walk free of your addiction, so take this, you poor fool."

What cynicism.

What lack of kindness and courage.

What Dr. De Vlaming and his colleagues are well-respected doctors.

They are, as Marc Antony said of Brutus and Cassius, honorable men all.

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Anonymous said...

Where are the maui numbers David? One wonders if there is a SLAPP out there for folks who use that snap.