Friday, September 5, 2008

Fairy tales Can Come True...

The Sun editorial this morning urges our schools to "instill hope in out children."

Hard to argue with that.

But hope is hard to come by without the commitment of real resources.

Where is the money for school libraries and library staff? Where are the physical education teachers who will supervise the 30 minutes a day of exercise now mandated by the province?

Where are the music classes?

Where are the books and school supplies that cash-strapped parents don't have to pay for?

Yellow brick roads are so much smoother when they have little ATMs along the way.


Anonymous said...

David, this how the mandatory 30 minutes of exercise works for my son in grade 7.

30 minutes of educational time is taken to fulfil the mandated 30 minutes of educated time. 80% of the children do little or no exercising, instead sort of play a non-contact politically correct game of something that resembles soccer, but no score is kept. If you don't participate, no one cares, as most children just stand around. It is pathetic.

So now my son has (grade 7) 30 minutes more of homework after school because the time to do the work is consumed pretending to do exercise, which impedes his ability to go to sports practises and games where real exercise is taking place.

It's pure sham, supported by inept reporters and hapless parents.

Anonymous said...

The answer is obvious. The money goes to administrators, not to teachers and not to children. ADMINISTRATION, David.