Saturday, September 6, 2008

The many Scams of Methadone Exposed

Mark Hasiuk, writing in the Vancouver Courier, has been proving himself in recent months to be one of Vancouver's best journalists.

In this weekend's cover story - "Juiced Up" - he has shown once again why he is so worth reading.

This must-read is all about methadone and it is thorough and bang-on.

You thought you knew something about this scourge. Well, read this and then you'll really understand.


Anonymous said...

That was a real eye opener... My God!

"Furthermore, the program does not include mandatory treatment or counselling--although prescribing physicians may recommend such measures--and there is no limit to the amount of time a patient is on the drug."

....and this from the College of Pharmacists:
"Eventual withdrawal from methadone," reads the website, "is not necessarily the goal of the program."

Cold comfort for addicts who want to get off of drugs, indeed.

Many are reaping the "rewards", read financial gain of the drug enabling in this province - unfortunately not one benefit for the addict who wants RECOVERY.

How sad.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article indeed, especially the part about 'kickbacks' and payments made by unidentified pharmacies.

But look at the response from the College of Pharmacists - they only want pharmacies to stop advertising the incentives - not stop giving incentives.