Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Methadone Scandals

In an excellent follow-up to the Courier's expose of methadone, the Province this morning ells us even more.

Today's piece by Susan Lazaruk is headlined:

Methadone kickbacks investigated

At least one pharmacy allegedly gave cash to addicts for prescriptions

None of that surprises me, but I must admit I was shocked to read that this province, which spends next to nothing on treatment, spends $54 Million a year of your taxpayer money on giving this synthetic drug to drug addicts.

What I have known for 40 years is 1) that methadone is 6 times as addictive as heroin and a nightmare to quit; and 2) 99% of all addicts who take "free" (to them, but not to you and me) methadone also use heroin and booze and drayno and anything else they can get their hands on each and every day.

There will be those among you who will claim that this - giving methadone - is better than nothing...and in saying that, you will reveal how little you understand of the nature of addicts and addictions.

Methadone is WAY WORSE than nothing.

It is one of the great ways that a lazy society has figured out how to keep addicts stupid and enslaved to their addictions.

And what about these righteous "professional" organizations - College of Pharmacists of B.C. and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, which administers this sick program?

Are they enjoying their lifestyles and their families and sleeping well at night while they rob the public and keep stupid, vulnerable people locked in misery?

$54 Million. My god! I'm still reeling over that news.

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Anonymous said...

54 million sure would go a long way towards getting addicts off drugs wouldn't it?
My comment for years has been
"if a person showed up with lung cancer and stomach cancer" physicians would treat both.Cancer treatment,
Addiction isn't treated that way at all.
They'll get you off heroin(by substituting methadone) and so what if you are drinking and using other drugs as well.
They got you to stop heroin. Yippee.
Every person who is paying taxes is paying for this dysfunctional system that enables addicts to slowly (and in some cases quickly) kill themselves.