Friday, September 26, 2008

Step Right UP!

A local radio station has been buying ads in the Sun of late.

This is what they claim:

Talk that matters to you.

A station that captivates your interests.

A station that makes you more interesting.


I didn't know that listening to a radio station could make me more interesting.

I didn't even know that one of my life goals was to be more interesting.

To whom?

The guys with whom I play bridge once a month?

This particular radio station, under the same steely-eyed management for years, has had a 1.5 share for decades. That means that 1.5% of the local audience of interesting people are listening. That's not enough to visit Tim's.

The world is completely mad, I tell you, and no where more so than in the wonderful topsy-turvy house of mirrors called Media.


Anonymous said...

I won't be one of the 1.5% who listen to CFUN.
Speaking of the media, is anyone else noticing the decline in the proper use of the English language? It even happens in radio and television commercials. Listening to Christy Clark's "thinkin', takin', gettin', talkin', etc. has me gritting my teeth.

I still miss hearing you on the airwaves...


Anonymous said...

Ah, David, you know talk radio, you been there and now sadly missed.

We need something, anything to compete with Bill boring and Christie, "I'm Christie Clark and your not", Clark on Brand-X.

I do miss Rafe Mair, fish farms and all.

I miss the quirkiness of old.

Now on Brand-X is good old boy Furlong, extolling the new Olympic motto, which cost the tax payer millions, by pirating it from our National Anthem.

CORUS has done more damage by censoring anti-government issues, than anyone can guess.

Competition, any competition to Brand-X is good, and the sooner the better.