Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sulu's a Fag!?!?!

The wedding pictures of actor George Takei and his partner that flashed around the world the other day got me thinking.

And not in the right direction.

Takei played Sulu on Star Trek for 947 light years, or thereabouts.

My first concern was all those Trekkies.

Many of them will be happy for their Sulu Man, of course.

But equally many will probably foresake their protein shakes for several days in mourning.

Willing and able to accept the most fanciful notions - people with pizza faces, William Shatner is a great actor, a guy with pointy ears and no emotions could be anything other than president of the United States for eight years - these same loyals will struggle with the idea that one of their favorites wants to snuggle with a similarly gendered humanoid.


Then my thoughts - if you can call these thoughts, more like LED blinks on a mottled wallboard - wandered to that lovely gal who has replaced Branjolina as The Headliner. You know, the one who knows everything about Russia because she can see it from her front porch.

Her defenders ( a nation unto itself, Palinistan) will be quick to tell you that she is not against gays. Or at least, not too close to them. That she thinks gays should have all the usual equal rights. Just that "marriage" is a word, apparently so holy, so suffused with godliness that it cannot be squandered on any other than a righteous man and a righteous woman.

First and last is the word, don't you know?

So I'm looking at these pics of George and Brad and I'm wondering once again how the marriage of these two souls can in one catclysmic moment upset all that has come before and all that will follow.

How many millions of men and women have married and will marry? But two guys in California dare to marry and the world is coming to an end.

The tolerance and acceptance and love that comes with these holy vows has gone where?

Closer to home, we learn today that abortion and gay marriage are still issues in the upcoming federal election.

We are on the precipice of a total world economic collapse and there are people still kvetching about abortion and gay marriage.



Mazel Tov, congrats, tanti auguri to Mr. Sulu.

Some aliens do come home.


Anonymous said...

Do send this to Sarah Pallin. Maybe she will disappear into a cloud of fluff.

John said...


The conservatives must be aghast that their so-con agenda is coming into play. The have tried desperately to keep it off the radar in this election campaign.

It is particularly illustrative of just how Deeply Cynical and Deeply Self-interested Lorne Mayencourt is. Astonishingly so. That abortion rights, gay rights and same sex marriage are important issues on the conservative agenda, but Lorne (himself a gay man) runs as their candidate anyway in Vancouver Centre.

Anonymous said...

I have been married to my dear husband for close to five years.

The fact that gays and lesbians can marry and share the same legal and spiritual union with vows of their choice does not affect the marriage to my husband one iota (and I was married in a Christian ceremony).

Some pressing issues to consider before getting my panties in a knot about who marries who.... clean water, affordable housing, affordable education, safe workplaces, safe neighbourhoods, accessible parks .... gay marriage isn't even ON my list - never mind at the end of it.

Linda Yuill

Martin the Ridiculous said...

I need to read articles from the beginning.

When I read about George and Brad, I thought you were talking about Clooney and Pitt!

Now THAT would blow the roof off Hollywood (and Miss Palin from her soapbox)!

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt is donating $100,000 to fight California's November ballot initiative to overturn the state Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.