Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wallace Craig exposes the Meddling

"Set in a sterile and disused pre-trial jail behind the Criminal Court at 222 Main Street, the DCC will be a revolving-door court for drug addicts, a finger-in-the-dyke experiment that lacks the critical support of detoxification and residential treatment premises."

This is the second paragraph is what is perhaps Justice Wallace Craig's best piece ever in the North Shore News.

Read it and understand that the community court is a good idea, amateurishly executed.

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MurdocK said...

Sadly, like so many things done in Vancouver, it is just more window dressing...totally lacking in the essentials this 'experiment' will be declared another failure in 2-3 years and some other good idea will be re-used...given too little critical support and fail also...the wheel turns again.