Monday, October 20, 2008

Bye, Bye, Baby Bye, Bye

It is likely - and to be hoped - that Stephane Dion steps down today.

Not that there are so many shining lights waiting in the wings. But surely, Dion was one of the weakest leaders the Liberal party have ever put forward.

Dan Gardner, writing in today's Sun, has an interesting analysis that is worth the read.

I don't know that I will ever be persuaded that carbon taxes make any sense, but Gardner makes a good argument for the idea and how Dion missed his main chance.


keith said...

I don't understand the thinking behind using taxes to reduce our carbon footprint.
Governments can legislate without taxes.
For example the European Economic Community has legislated all private vehicles must produce less than 130 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer by 2012. Those limits will get smaller as years go by.
In Canada we have already legislated the reduction of motor vehicles emissions, and have now expanded to motorcycles and small engines.
There is no need to tax people or corporations.

Pelalusa said...

Jonathan Kay has a somewhat different take blaming the Globe & Mail for their flip flopping of support for Dion.

Our "buddy", Hedy Fry, was on CBC this afternoon talking about it. She hasn't yet decided whether she will run for leader. She still has to pay off her debts from her last attempt though.

The funniest thing of all she said though was: "It used to be so easy for us Liberals to raise all the money we needed for an election campaign. We'd just hold a dinner, invite 200 key supporters, and get all the money we needed."

Perhaps Jean Chretien deserves a pat on the back for doing at least one thing right.

David Berner said...

Let us all now pray, Brethern.

Let us pray that Hedy Fry is elected leader of the Liberal part of Canada.

Thus ensuring that the party will not be heard from for decades.

MurdocK said...




I like this idea David.

How do we get it to happen?

Anonymous said...

Hedy for Leader!!!!!! Please!!