Thursday, October 30, 2008

Money Can't Buy me Love...or a seat in the House

Arthur Griffiths lost in the by-election yesterday.

What was Campbell thinking when he signed the original little-rich-kid-who-blows-the-family-fortune to the team?


Anonymous said...

Business as usual for this arrogant
provincial government.

I'd be surprised if the Gordfather even gave the optics a second thought, let alone the consequences of his impaired policies over his last two terms.

And I hope they will be his last.

Anonymous said...


Whatever gave you the impression that Campbell thinks?

He's operating on auto-pilot.

Anonymous said...

Wee Arthur, remember was Glen Clark's points-man for the LRT/SkyTrain switcheroo on the Millennium Line. Sorry, this guys economies of the truth should have landed him in front of a judge!

Say, sounds like a perfect Liberal!

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"What was Campbell thinking ...?"

Well, a plush MPP pay and perk pack would be a nice reward for a "job well done" (in some peoples' view) by Little Arthur in heading up the Olympic boondoggle bid. Jobs for the boys is what I see.
And Gordie's so out of touch, he probably figured it would be a slam dunk, the voters of Van-Burr would see someone connected with the Canucks and react in an appropriate Pavlovian fashion.
Still, I'm glad Gordie did tap Little Arthur, does my heart good to see him lose. :-)

Anonymous said...

He was thinking "these are my people". We will win with this gentleman. They didn't........ Not the first fatal decision that has come out of His Office. Think Carbon Tax, soon to be an increase of 8 cents a litre before you know it.