Tuesday, October 21, 2008


There are only a few oddities about the case of David Shearing that need be noted.

Shearing killed six people, but he was convicted in each count of second degree murder.

Which should open a twelve hour discussion about what constitutes pre-meditation.

In this case, I suppose someone argued, or the judge istructed, that the accused seized an opportunity, rather than planned anything, as he apparently came across these two families camping and then destroyed them all.

A fine point no doubt.

So what are the time limits for pre-meditation? You have to devise your murders months - or minutes - in advance to qualify for first degree murder?

Then, there is this small oddity.

Shearing has been in prison for many years now, but in 1995 he married a lady from Prince Albert. Her name is Heather. You cannot write material like this.

And finally, the parole board must now go through the charade of considering this nut job for various of their forms of freedoms.

Let us all pray together. We know about the efficacies of the parole board.

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