Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Suzuki needs a wake-up call

"I am ashamed of Carole James and the NDP for using 'axe the tax' as a political opportunity," David Suzuki said recently. "I know the people advising her know better."

Well, spread the shame, David, because many, including me, think much less of you for automatically endorsing this horsefeathers scheme.

We have long since reached the point where all anyone has to do is say something "ecological" and you will support it.

The carbon tax idea is bankrupt and the fact that you support it says way too much about your current efforts.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but you see, David Berner, David the Suzuki has learned to juggle an incredible number of balls in the air.

A man cannot serve two masters? How about trying for half-a-dozen or more?

The number of non-profit societies and foundations this man is associated with to one extent or another, would astound - let alone the credibility gilt accorded him by a self-serving Campbell government.

The budgets of the first half-dozen groups alone would fund good research into the causes of autism for a decade - to cite but one example...

But then autism is not on the agenda for our "choked" premier, is it? Nor, for that matter, is just compensation for the Cambie businesses that he and his minions have bankrupted.

Any truth to the rumour that the one stock that continues to buck the downward trend in the markets, is in anti-nausea medication?

Liz J.

Anonymous said...

Did'nt Suzuki suggest people who doubted global warming be put in prison?

David in North Burnaby BC said...

I'm always amazed at the credibility lent by some to a failed geneticist who became a self-proclaimed expert on everyone else's science.

Anonymous said...

Now, we must go easy on young "Dr." Suzuki. His rise to fame and FORTUNE was after all, the Study of The Fruit Fly.

Me thinks that the Planet and everyone on it, would have been better served if he had made that a life long Study, but alas..........he didn't.
On a brighter note, I have always admired his Motorcycles though.

Cheers, Gary.

Anonymous said...

I stopped listening to Suzuki ages ago, when the Suzuki foundation, decided to block my emails.

Just another CBC famous legend in his own (closed) mind.

Anonymous said...

What does a fair and equitable tax system look like?

Anonymous said...

Bashing Suzuki for studying the fruit fly? Your argument falls apart.