Friday, October 10, 2008

Your right to Drive Doped Supercedes my right to be safe crossing the street?

The first person in Candian history has been arrested for driving while stoned on drugs.

Some might think this progress.

But privacy critics call this an invasion of privacy.

I'll tell you what's a really, really big invasion of privacy -

Being struck down and killed by a stoned driver.

Now that's an invasion of privacy.


nachtwache said...

You're certainly right on that!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that I have, in my time on earth, enjoyed an"reinforced brownie"

HOWEVER, I never even contemplated driving my vehicle while under the influence.

Just toke or nibble and slide off the couch!! Stay out of 'yer car!!

Invasion of privacy is breaking down my door and confiscating my brownie.

Pulling a drunk, stoned, over medicated, irrational or otherwise dangerous driver off the road is more than reasonable!!