Saturday, November 8, 2008

Great Moments in World Leadership

How many times has Silvio Berlusconi been arrested or charged with crimes?

Ten? A dozen?

And like all good comic book characters, he can proudly claim, "Thirty-two arrests, no convictions!"

The fact that he is the richest man in Italy and owns all the newspapers and TV stations, among other things, and that the Italian people keep re-electing him Prime Minister does not speak well for a country many of us love.

Now, he has shown his true "colours."

In Moscow on Thursday, Berlusconi referred to President-Elect Barack Omaba as “young, handsome and suntanned.”


Of course, the man is an idiot, Of course, he is tasteless and crude and inferior.

But why do they keep electing him?


Scotland Yard said...

For more on Berlusconi, don't forget to read "Girls! Girls! Girls, The P.M.'s sex follies" by Alexander Stille in the 3 Nov 2008 "The New Yorker."

MurdocK said...

He keeps getting re-elected for the same reason that many good 'jesters' are consistently elected...he looks/sounds good and makes people 'feel' good voting for him.