Sunday, November 2, 2008

Message from a Worthy Candidate

Eileen Le Gallais is running for School Trustee. When you see her name on the ballot, do the right thing and mark and X next to it.

First of all – Thank you to everyone who replied to my Candidacy Announcement. Your words of encouragement and support are much appreciated!

Since my last message, I have been knocking on doors and handing out brochures in many Vancouver neighbourhoods. I've attended meetings, fundraising dinners, attended press conferences, given interviews and even set up my own Facebook page! But most importantly, I have been spending time visiting Vancouver schools, and have heard concerns about equitable distribution of educational resources as well as concerns about various safety issues including bullying and seismic upgrading.

I am ready to start addressing these issues with my ususal no-nonsense approach to getting things done, and am very excited about having an opportunity to work with educators, trustees and all levels of government in order to ensure a positive and safe learning environment for every student.

With just 2 weeks until election day, it is not too late to:

1) Spread the word – ask for a lawn sign (all signs will be set up and removed by NPA volunteers). Sincere thanks to those of you already displaying signs.

2) Make a Donation - to cover campaign expenses such as signage, printing, and publicity. Donations can be made through the NPA website. Copy and paste this link on your internet page
(, or google "NPA, Le Gallais" to find my page on the NPA site. Click on the "donate" button and follow the prompts to make your donation.

3) Volunteer to distribute flyers (See attached word document - We will provide colour copies of this flyer for you to drop in your neighbours’ mail slots or distribute at work – just let us know how many you need.)

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