Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Province Column

is no more...

Last week, I received a very warm and gracious call from Province newspaper Editor-in-chief - Wayne Moriarty.

He explained that times were tough and the paper was cutting back everywhere and that included visiting columnists.

Moriarity took great pains to assure me that this was not a reflection of the work, which they liked very much.

We agreed that from time to time, as the spirit may move me, I will pitch an idea or two, which, from time to time, they will buy.

All of which is O.K. by me.


Anonymous said...

On a brighter side, that will be one less Province that I will have to buy!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well...........you said to many naughty things about the Asper press and the CanWest/Global empire doesn't take criticism well. Are you surprised.

It is pretty well understood that Mair got the chop from AM 600 (probably from CORUS too) because of the fish farm issue.

In the fascist state, free thinking in the media is terminated.

Gazetteer said...

Ya - I'm with Anon-Above.

Mr. B. - make sure you let us know when the movements of the spirits shake your not-so-monetary money maker.

(and perhaps, in the meantime, you should give Mr. Beers a call)


Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds as if this dude was nicer to you than the CanWest thugs who treated Peter Ballard so rottenly over at the Courier. It took him months to get a settlement out of them. Perhaps you offended that party line that CanWest peddles with your stories on Silly Sam and Kapripants. Hope this LOSS of income will not interfere with your lavish lifestyle--trips overseas and to Whistler--which none of us plebs can afford. Whatever became of that book you wrote? Will we next see you appearing in that old man's column in the Sun, the fool who writes about persons no one knows and no one cares about?

Bill Tieleman said...

Sorry to hear this news David - I don't always agree with you - especially your endorsement of Peter Ladner for Mayor of Vancouver - but you are a very independent voice in a city full of conformity.

I hope you find your way into the pages of the Province and elsewhere nonetheless.

Bill Tieleman


Gazetteer said...

Hey, Bill!

Doesn't 24hrs have a column inch or eight availbable for one of the 'last of the independents' in this town?

And besides, an occasional 'point-counter-point' type-deal between Mr. B and A.G.T. would be hella entertaining, not to mention informative.



Anonymous said...

I have to say David, I thought you were too good for that rag anyway.


A. G. Tsakumis said...

Well, let me step into the fray...I'd be honoured to be on the same page as David, who I consider a friend, all be it an occasionally oversensitive one, but a great friend just the same. (Piss him off and he turns into a walking Seinfeld episode--trust me)

I think Wayne Moriarty, whose stark, white jacket (with something shiny and flashy, which escapes me because it was so bloody ridiculous) at the Websters was, ah, lovely, but he should be reminded that it is rare indeed to have someone with David's gifts as a columnist, no matter what criticisms he makes.

The mainstream media have picked up on the fact that people want the straight goods, but they allow reporters, who, in this town, are, typically uninformed and moderately literate, to be writing opinion pieces: The results are a disaster, since most of them have the depth of a stick of gum and the spines of gastropods. But they are easier to "control" and their messages easier to manipulate (by shameless producers or editors who practice censorship). Successful columnists have had a whole array of experiences in life and can make page dance--like David.

His appropriate criticisms of the Sun, in particular, are spot on.

I buy the Sun only when Vaughn writes. I sought the Province mostly when David wrote. His pieces were exceptional, in that they added perspective to the few of value there like Alan Ferguson and Joey Thompson (and Mike Smyth when he's decided he wants to do some research).

Berner does a HUGE service to all of us by continuing to present this website/blog. Simply put, it's exceptional.

Problem with having David and I go head to head is that on 95% of all issues we agree wholeheartedly!!!

Anybody would be very, very lucky to have him. Particularly his perspectives on drugs on our streets and his pithy comments regarding injection site(s), are an oasis in the arid, painful desert of opinions that are offered by those far too ill-informed to offer up anything intelligent on, for example, the slavery that really is Insite.

Since you spend so much time on the net David, maybe David Beers might be a great call indeed. The Tyee does wonderful work and are a very solid net publication, with very respectable journalists.

Anonymous said...

David, I have been thinking about this turn of events for a couple of days, and I believe that something stinks on ice. While I have no reason to doubt that the Editor-in-chief is a warm and gracious man, we have no idea who he takes his marching orders from. He/she/they may not be warm and gracious people. I simply don't buy that the Province cannot afford your weekly Column. What are we talking here? A couple of pints and a sandwich a week?
No, I for one don't buy the explanation. But I have been wrong before, the last time was in 1957 if memory serves me correctly!

Cheers, Gary

Pelalusa said...

David, whatever the reason your column was canceled, it is a great tragedy for our community.

The other day, I was reminded again of what a great loss it is that you're no longer at CKNW either. Someone called up to Bill Good and mentioned that ACORN had opened up shop here in Vancouver and was helping Gregor Robertson.

Good's response was this: "What's ACORN?"

My teeth almost fell out ... and I don't even have dentures! The main man at 'NW and CTV Vancouver, likely making several hundred thousand dollars per years, didn't even know what the FBI-investigated, scandal ridden ACORN was?!?

Makes one wonder if there truly is a conspiracy here in Vancouver to keep the population dumbed down.

Gazetteer said...


If Mr. B. can't go head-to-head with AGT maybe they could throw in the I-Ching King and triangulate.

Or some such thing.


Anonymous said...

hi thebernermonologues.blogspot.com-ers all the best to every one - matty mays