Friday, December 5, 2008

Checking it Twice

The BCTF meddles again.

Kids at a school in Nanaimo have been raising money for a childrens' charity.

Oh my god, the charity is "evangelical."

The Nanaimo chapter of the BCTF kvetched in typical form.


You can only help "secular, non-denominational" charities?

Here's the news for the BCTF:

Kids in need are kids in need. Check their passports and bibles later, you clods.

Read the whole disgraceful mess - the height of Clouseauvian political correctness - covered beautifully, as always by the Sun's educational writer Janet Steffenhagen.


MurdocK said...

More proof that the BCTF is really a political organization in 'disguise'...

Anonymous said...

Thankfully not all members of the BCTF feel this way (my dear husband being a teacher).

Unfortunately, there really isn't a whole lot of "secular, non-denominational" charities. Most charities are, at least in some part, supported by churches of one type of religion/denomination or another. In Canada - many of these religions/denominations will be Christian (this being the predominant religion in this part of the world).

It truly is unfortunate that "charities" are needed at all. A living wage and adequate social services would alleviate the need for charities.

However, in our imperfect world - without living wages, affordable housing, affordable childcare and inadequate social services - charities do what they can to help provide some relief.

So what if the people organizing believe in what deity or another - a big "thank you" to all those that give in the form of time and money to those who have less.

Linda Yuill

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the Nanaimo teachers have said/done had the group been from the local Sikh Temple, or from a mosque? If this group did not come into the school and begin to preach their religion, it would have been nice if someone had just said, "Thank you, thank you for caring about the less fortunate, because we're usually too busy with our own affairs, to even think about doing likewise."

Liz J.