Thursday, December 25, 2008

I've owned a Vinyl LP of this Tchaikovsky Concerto since I was about 21. The great David Oistrakh plays

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Anonymous said...

David..what a treat this vide is for an ignorant 18 year old I was given by a friend a third row seat in Carneige Hall to listen to the first North American performance by David Oistrach.. My friend who took me was a classical music lover..I had never heard classical mausic live.. He played Tchaikovsky Violin concerto followed by Beethoven Violin concerto ,and after an Intermission he ended with both the Bach and then Bruch concertos ..he was accompanied only by a pianist.. The place went beserk with Russian Immigres stamping and screaming as if Joe D. had hommered in the last of the ninth to beat Boston for the AL pennant..I was overwhelmed by a genuine emotion that has stayed with me to this day 51 years later.. I knew you tube had gems.. this was magnificent ..thanks for showing ......Peter in Victoria