Saturday, December 6, 2008

What me Worry, Part One

Canada is different. Canada is inoculated.


Read this morning's job loss story in the NY Times, then check your local rag for similar Canucklehead versions.

O.J.'s going to jail and we're losing jobs in Canada. Get used to it.

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Anonymous said...

David, my small export business has all but ceased, due to the dire economic situation in the US. When one is self employed, there is no social safety net in Canada.

The economic boom is over and I do not think we will see the likes of it again for a long time. We have shipped manufacturing jobs to China; the forest industry is all but dead, and what are the governments doing? Still spending money on big prestigious projects such as Gateway.

The whole country needs to be reinvented, but I doubt it will happen as the 'elite' class is doing fine living off the public tit.