Friday, May 9, 2008

America at the Crossroads

Barak Obama is poised to win the Democratic nomination.

All things are possible in primaries and elections, so this is not a given, but it is looking pretty solid.

I like and admire Hillary Clinton.

But I am saddened by the stench of flop sweat in her recent racial comments on voting patterns.

Let's say Obama wins.

America, rocked by the Iraq War, Afghanistan, recession, bad schools, lack of universal health coverage for its citizens and the worst reputation it has ever held in the rest of the world, is at yet another historic moment.

Obama is not the second coming of the messiah, but he is different and refreshing and youthful and full of hope and vigor.

How dreadful would it be for American voters to turn their faces away from the future and vote for McCain?

McCain is the poster boy for The Past. He is old and tired and closed in a pen of stale and failing ideas.

Obama may have much to learn as a leader, but he is the best hope for healthy new beginnings.

I hope he wins.


PelaLusa said...

I couldn't disagree with you more, David. You're advocating that a man who hasn't even run a Popsicle stand be elected as President of the United States.

In some ways I actually hope that Obama is elected, as I have little doubt that he'll prove to be even a worse president than Jimmy Carter.

And God help Canada if Obama gets elected with a majority Congress.

Anonymous said...

The spotlight has yet to be focused fully on McCain. Many are waiting patiently for the focus to be on his warts - his pastor/minister, his flip flopping, bad temper, cute little (not!) pet names he uses to refer to his wife. He is a sick, twisted man and hopefully this time the USA will take the opportunity they have to begin to undo the havoc GW and his puppeteers have wreaked.

Anonymous said...

Alas, one of the Clinton strategists recently said on CNN that were going to have to look at everything they could possibly find on Obama because that's what the Republicans will do. Look for all this to get really smarmy once a candidate is chosen by de Dems.

Anonymous said...

I very much agree with your comments David, with the exception of liking Hilary. "The stench of flop sweat" is very apt. She will do anything to win, say anything, portray herself to be what she isn't, pander, lie, and lie again. She is such a smart woman, however, the hysterical look in her eyes belies her intelligence.


Anonymous said...

Look at Bush the most incompetent President ever. It is not the guy in the Oval Office that counts but the folks he chooses to advise him. And those fellows are the puppet masters who pull the strings to line THEIR own pockets to the country's detriment. Could Obama do worse? I don't think so.

anonamoose said...

I find it ironic that before becoming President, Bush built a new home on his ranch that is energy and ecologically efficient, unlike opponent Al Gore with his high carbon footprint mansion.
Perhaps Bush is smarter than we give him credit.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Perhaps Bush is smarter than we give him credit."

He'd pretty much have to be, wouldn't he? ;-)