Thursday, August 7, 2008


When I read this morning that 3 NDP MLA'a would not be returning at the end of this term, I thought this was a clear sign of trouble at the ranch.

I shouldn't have been surprised then to read Vaughn Palmer saying much the same thing in his column abut retiring MLA David Chudnovsky.

The elephant in the room that is not being openly discussed is the leadership of Carole James.

I admire James. I think she's a gutsy and smart and interesting person.

But in politics one either has "the Royal Jelly" or one doesn't.

James doesn't.

The provincial pickings are almost ripe.

Enough citizens are tired of the Campbell signature and serious gains if not an outright win is there for the plucking.

But this will most likely not happen with Carole James leading the NDP into the next election.

Adrian Dix?

Jim Sinclair?


David Berner said...


I, too, like and respect Carole James - for all of the reasons you gave, and more...

Unfortunately for the BC political world we now endure, Ms. James is not the right person for the job. She has not learned from the experience of Neville Chamberlain - one cannot 'play nice' with bullies.

By their very nature, bullies - in pink or otherwise - will never back down unless someone stands up to them.

The Fiberals have handed the NDP issue after issue after issue. Given a determined opposition, any one of them should have set this government back on its heels. Yet, due in part to the fact that Campbell cut back on the number of Legislative sessions, and to a complicit-until-recently Canwest media, Ms. James has not succeeded in getting NDP alternatives across to the people.

My guess is that, in an effort to present a united front, and to build her profile with the people, MLAs like Mike Farnworth, David Chudnovsky and others, deferred to Leader Carole James. In my opinion, they were let down, and opportunities have been wasted.

The net result has been that on most of the really contentious issues, THE CAMPBELL LIBERALS HAVE BEEN GIVEN A FREE PASS.

No matter how one prefers to vote in an election - until the 2005 election I had voted Social Credit and then Liberal - the experience of people like Corky Evans and David Chudnovsky is a huge resource - a resource, and an investment, that now will be lost to us.

In a recent appearance on Vaughn Palmer's Voice of BC, guest Norman Spector said words to this effect:

"Canada inherited [what should be] a two-party system of democratic government. That system only works when there is an effective opposition - IN FACT, ONE COULD ARGUE THAT A STRONG OPPOSITION IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF."

Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, Carole James has not proven up to the task...and that has nothing whatsoever to do with her gender.

Liz J.

Berner for Mayor said...

What about Mike Farnsworth? He's probably the most high profile NDP MLA and the most electable of the bunch. I am a conservative, who won't vote BC Liberal and can't vote NDP, but I like what Farnsworth stands for on crime (he is to the right on bleeding heart Wally Oppal) and how he is like a pitbull on demanding ICBC be accountable to the public. I could vote for a Farnsworth lead NDP.

Grumpy said...

Carole James has been a political 'wet noodle' and it is time for her to go and to go quickly.

“you have been sat to long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of god, go!.”

Hey Carole, take a hint.

Quote by Oliver Cromwell

Grumpy said...

If Farnsworth were to be leader of the NDP, I think he would beat Campbell and beat him by a long measure.