Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ignored Tragedies

This morning as I was reading the paper and finding between the Inauguration and the Miracle on the Hudson article after article about Gaza, Gaza and more Gaza, I found myself muttering about Zimbabwe.

Not that Gaza is nothing or unimportant or not horrible.

But why do we often not see focus on the 102 other hells on earth?

Therefore, I was surprised and pleased to see Bob Herbert, who usually writes on domestic issues, tackling this very subject in this morning's NY Times.

The piece is called "Zimbabwe Is Dying," and I encourage you to read it.

Then, we might ask ourselves how the UN and other ineffective busybodies have stood by and allowed Mugabe to rape and destroy his own country for the past - what, 37? - years.

Would that this truism were not so, but it is: Everything is political.


keith said...

Where are all those dolts who forced the white regime out of Rhodesia?

David Berner said...


Two wrongs do not make a right.

You are not suggesting there was something superior or ennobling about the colonial Rhodesian rule?

As often happens in upheaval, the replacement can be as bad or worse than the previous regime.

But that never automatically validates it.

You want to revert back to the former obscenity?

Anonymous said...

Worried about colonial in Rhodesia? The slaughter is unprecedented and the result of this barbaric ethnic cleansing will soon be forgotten. I would wager that most Rhodesian's would rather have that bad old colonial rule today, when compared to the chaos, death, and deprevations incured on a daily basis.

Remember, BC is still under 'colonial' rule and the party with a majority government can cheat, steal, and lie with impunity. Even our courts overlook the government's misdeads.

Anonymous said...

All I know about the previous 'colonial' rule in Rhodesia is that friends of mine took off as soon as it ended.
They were actually 'black' (should I say that word)individuals who could see that the next level of warfare was coming.Revenge for all previous injustices.
Genocide can go both ways.