Saturday, January 10, 2009

Priorities, Part 9,462

$365 Million for a new retractable roof for BC Place.

No problem. Do it. we pay for it. No problem.

$300,000 debt for Ballet B.C.

Get outta here! You're on your own, Fairy Princesses!

The good news is that the Ballet did in fact save themselves from bankruptcy by offering debtors a few cents on every dollar owed. Which is fine.

But Glad-handing Gord could have paid the full tilt iin the stroke of a pen if he had any vision of what this province is supposed to look like outside of highways and skating rinks.


Anonymous said...

David, just to let your readers know, $395 million is just about enough money to reintroduce the Vancouver to Chilliwack interurban on a basic 5 or 6 returns daily service.


David in North Burnaby BC said...
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David in North Burnaby BC said...

When was the last time the ballet drew 60,000? 30,000? How much do they boost the business of bars, restaurants, taxis etc in the area?
Imo, if people enjoy antique European art forms, they can support them; if they don't, long-suffering taxpayers, the vast majority of whom aren't interested, shouldn't be further bled to keep them afloat.

Gazetteer said...

Mr. B--

Me thinks this has little to do with the actual roof.

Instead, I figure it has more to do with the fact that the majority of the booty will come from/be made because, surprise! .....

(The BC Pavilion) corporation plans to finance the majority of the projects through development of lands surrounding the 25-year-old stadium.

Heckfire, given that, I'm kind of surprised they didn't come up with a $3.65 BILLION price-tag for the roof (plus optional gold leaf).

(great comment by-the-way Anon-Above)


Anonymous said...

"antique European art forms"

Jeeeeez - Do you prefer rap? Doesn't happen often, but I'm at a loss for words...

Anonymous said...

If a 'group' doesn't donate to Gordon's re-election funds they can forget about tax-payer funds.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

No, I don't prefer rap, I agree with Ray Charles: "I call it crap", I simply don't see where artistic endeavors (including my own) should be supported with taxpayers' money, especially those that are 'niche' to put it mildly .
Where do we draw the line? As co-chair of the local chapter of the Chuck Berry Appreciation Society, shall I hit up the government for some tax money so we can live beyond our means?