Monday, January 5, 2009


On Jan. 5, 1914, Henry Ford, head of the Ford Motor Company, introduced a minimum wage scale of $5 per day.

Almost a century later, here in "the best place on earth," we can't get up to $10/hour.


Anonymous said...

David - Gordon Campbell hates poor people, utterly detests them, they are scum. Why would he do anything to help change the situation.

History will look badly on Gordy and his pals and the media who supported them. Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a free enterprize conviction.

Anonymous said...

BUT! Gordon and buddies can raise their wages and golden pensions to whatever level they wish. This man is really too much and if he gets a third run at selling the public assets watch out for your wallets folks because he will empty them.

Anonymous said...

Working is suppose to help lift someone out of poverty - not keep them in poverty.

Shame on the government for helping keep people poor.

Oh, BTW, under this government - tuitions for post secondary education increased. The course that I took in 1996 has quintupled in price. The minimum wage in the same period of time went from $7 to $8.


Linda Yuill