Saturday, January 3, 2009


It is not often you learn something about any element of Canadian society asking anyone to be repsonsible about anything.

Imagine my surprise and elight when I read the following from Ian Bailey in this morning's Globe:

"Friday afternoon, three skiers and a snowboarder ducked under a boundary-area rope at the Grouse Mountain ski area, and entered an avalanche-prone area, ignoring orders from the mountain's safety patrol to get out.

Before long, the RCMP and North Shore Rescue Team were on the scene, and a helicopter search tracked down the four B.C. men – two 25-year-olds and two 24-year-olds. They have been banned for life from Grouse Mountain, and will be billed for all costs, now being tallied, related to the incident. Their names will also be circulated to all ski resorts in British Columbia."

At last.

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